Navigating the Plexure ecosystem

As an intelligent personalization platform Plexure sits at the center of an ecosystem, connected to a network of technology and services that expand its capability and capacity. This is about more than vouchers: there's no intelligence in something that sends the same discounts to every subscriber regardless of who they are or what they like. There's also no intelligence in something that fails to learn; that doesn't collect and use data it handles to improve the service it offers and the results it nets. The Plexure ecosystem is vast, and constantly growing. As more technology becomes available and as we hook more devices into the IoT, Plexure has more platforms on which to connect with customers - and from which to collect that all-valuable data for personalization.  

If you think Plexure's an app, you're missing the picture

While we obviously collect huge amounts of data from customers' smartphones, we also receive streams from wearables, related services (like weather, traffic) and in-store data from beacons, Wi-Fi and POS. All of that is fed back to the Plexure platform and for each client algorithms continuously analyze and segment customers, telling us who should get what offer for the best results.

We also work with those connected devices to send data out. Again, the obvious example is smartphones; push messages, promotional offers, content and in-app experiences are all shaped by the data we're handling behind the scenes. But we can also personalize customer experiences in less obvious ways – displaying a customer's favorite brand on a digital sign when they come into range, or passing information to staff that helps them personalize service on the floor or at the checkout.

Beyond data services and content distribution, Plexure also integrates with intelligence and analytics platforms so we can do more with our data. We use Microsoft's cloud-based PowerBI for real-time dashboards and analysis, giving us massive analysis capacity without requiring us to build our own data center (and at 8k activities a second it'd have to be a pretty big one!) Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning is also natively integrated into the Plexure platform so we can build decision flows that continuously adapt and increasingly accurately predict consumer behavior.

Because it's an ecosystem, we don’t do all of this in a vacuum. We have close ties with systems integrators, digital agencies and data analysts; specialist companies that provide advanced analytics and build the apps and other interfaces that the Plexure platform ties into.

And we don’t build apps

The Plexure platform is just that – a platform. The companies we work with have developed (or are developing) their own branded apps or connected tech and are looking to expand functionality, which is where we come in. The Plexure platform is then connected to these apps – built by the client’s digital agency of choice – via APIs and provided SDKs, and we provide the back-end and expertise that makes the magic happen...