Cool happenings in the connected world

We've been watching some of our favorite brands do some pretty cool (in some cases, literally) things with mobile and connected devices lately - take a look at this week's picks.  

McDonald's Netherlands' McFlurry billboard

Anything that gives away free icecream has to make the list. The IoT twist here is the billboard was rigged to open and dispense McFlurry cups to the masses only when the heat hit a menacing 101.5 / 38.6. Connected thermostats are practically old school now, but in a world where experiential marketing is the new must-have, it's always fun to see where brands are working in connected tech.

Coke & Shazam - Drinkable advertising

Coke also got inventive with billboards earlier this year, building a 'drinkable billboard' as part of a comprehensive campaign for Coke Zero. Connected devices? Check. Mobile? Check. Freebie redemption via QR codes? Check.  Digital straws? Just watch.

Oscar Meyer's Wake up and smell the bacon

This may have made the list even if it wasn't about bacon because a) it's completely insane, and b) it worked. Oscar Meyer developed a bacon-scented alarm (which is a scent, an app and a 'delivery system'), ended up with hundreds of thousands of applicants for the device, and significantly boosted brand-bacon conversations. And while a scent-delivery device may not be pushing the boundaries of IoT, it's definitely a noteworthy use of mobile that obviously resonated with consumers. Because, let's be honest, bacon.