Take my location data, please

Smartphone users: How many apps are you currently sharing your location with? Do you know? Do you even care? As this article from Marketing Land shows, consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with sharing their location data. I just checked my phone… I’m sharing my location with 76 different apps and it actually doesn’t bother me. Why? Because sharing my location increases the value and usefulness I get out of each of those apps. The key is the value I get from giving out my data; if I get something in return for sharing my information, chances are I won’t even think twice about giving these apps access.

What’s interesting is that we’ve been seeing this movement for a while now: consumers aren’t just getting more comfortable with retailers using their location and other personal data, but they are actually starting to demand it. In fact, a nifty infographic by MDG Advertising shows that a whopping 72% of consumers say they respond to calls-to-action in marketing messages received within sight of the retailer. Unfortunately, many retailers are hesitant to start using location data for fear of scaring customers off. Only 23% of retail marketers seem to use some type of geo-targeted data in their mobile marketing, meaning that the majority of retailers are missing out on the huge opportunity to give customers what they want when they want it.

I know that I am far more likely to keep and use an app that uses my location data to push me personalized and relevant offers than I am to keep an app that every now and then gives me a deal for a store located on the other end of town. Which would you prefer?