22 awesome things to do with push messages

You already know that if you don’t want push messages ignored and apps deleted, messages need to be relevant, personalized and contextual. To do that you'll need to make sure push is a part of your overall personalization strategy, so you can customize your promotions properly and use all that lovely customer data you've collected to be more relevant. Let's face it, people just don't respond well to obviously generic push spam. Likewise, make sure your push message is tightly integrated into your app experience and not just an annoyance to be tapped away. Deep link to the relevant offers or content within your app and your push is more likely to get acted on (just don't send too many - and watch the local time!)  

Push messages - really not for sending annoying ads at 3am

Bacon is on sale

Send customers a personalized offer.

What good's a reward if you ain't around to use it

Remind nearby customers to come in store and redeem their reward points before they expire.

The price on this item has dropped

Let customers know if an item in their basket or wish list drops in price.

Extra points for waking up

Send customers a random free reward to claim in-store. Surprising and delightful!

Good gracious, is it today?

Remind customers a saved offer is about to expire.

Oh I like that

Tell customers when someone in their social network recommends, shares or gifts something.

Treat yoself to a sale

Let customers know when an extremely limited time once only sale starts (don’t even lie about this)

VIP backstage pass

Invite high value customers to VIP nights and other special events.

ITS SO FLUFFY unicorn prize

Invite customers to take part in games or contests for (personalized!) prizes.


Let customers know about local sales if they’re unexpectedly in the area.

Out of order

Let frequent app users know it’s going down for any reason, and when it’ll be back online.

Happy birthday

Send a special happy birthday greeting with a special present thrown in.

Winter is coming

Send utility alerts; POS outages, traffic or weather emergencies in the user’s location.

Running to beat the clock

Give customers X minutes to get to your store for a freebie or heavy discount.

Money please!

Send a reminder if a charge is going to be incurred, or a subscription needs to be renewed.

Agree to the ToS

Send app ToS updates or announce new features that require an opt-in.

Totes excited right now

Let customers know when their favorite brand’s new collection is available in store.

New store! Yay team!

Let customers know if a new store opens closer to where they live or work, or their regular store closes.

Minion siren

Send customers a security alert if there’s any strange activity on their account.


Let customers know if an appointment comes available with their favorite staff member; if there's a special on their usual hotel room; if an item they ordered is now in stock.


Send a voice of customer survey when someone exits a store or a post-purchase follow up X days after purchase.

Say thanks!

Say thanks!