Thinking innov8ively with Plexure's first hackathon

Last week we had the initial kickoff session (aka Team Tinder) for the Inaugural Plexure Innov8day hackathon that will take place at the end of May. The objective is to create something new and tangible that will benefit our customers by the end of a full day of focused endeavor and frenzied activity.

VMob kicks off Innov8day 2015

Innov8day is open to everyone at Plexure and will span 24 hours, starting off on the previous evening with inspirational talks, and wrapping up on Friday evening with demos / presentations, followed by an open vote to select the winning team. (Next year we plan to make our Innov8day open to partner and customer organizations and people outside Plexure, to bring their innovative ideas using the Plexure APIs to life and compete for the grand prize - watch this space, and let us know if you want to sign up for this already).

Bob innov8s
Richard and Sim get Innov8ive

At Plexure we believe that everyone has a great idea within them on any given day, so Innov8day is a chance for anyone in the company to recruit a team to work on their idea and spend this given day in a feverish effort to turn it into reality. Innov8day is also a chance to switch focus and burn through some of those “wouldn’t it be great if…” things bubbling under our day-to-day consciousness.

The company provides a place to do it - plus caffeine, pizza, and all the technology you can throw a stick at. Watch out for some extreme awesomeness to come.