Transforming customer engagement with IoT

As you know, we were at NRF in January showcasing the Plexure platform on Microsoft's stand. If you missed out on seeing us there, Microsoft's IoT blog has a very nice summary of Plexure's functionality and what it means for retailers...

New Zealand-based Plexure is harnessing IoT to help McDonald’s transform its customer engagement in the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan, regions that represent about 12 percent of the food service retailer’s locations worldwide. With Plexure, McDonald’s expanded its existing mobile app in these markets, building on standard features such as product information, restaurant locator and mass offers for promotions and specials. They did this by combining the mobile app with contextual information and social engagement to dynamically personalize the customer experience.

When customers open the McDonald’s app, they get individualized content based on their location, the time of day, the weather, and their own habits of purchasing and responding to promotions. For example, on a sunny summer afternoon, a customer who is walking near a store might get an offer for a free ice-cream with a sandwich purchase. Early on a cold, gray morning, the offer might be for coffee or for one of the customer’s favorite breakfast items. If the customer is moving quickly, the offer may point to drive-through locations. As a result of deploying the Plexure platform, McDonald’s in the Netherlands has seen a 700 percent increase in offer redemptions, and customers using the app are returning to stores twice as often and spending 47 percent more.

Get the full story over at Microsoft's IoT blog.