Plexure creating new connections with Responsys

There was once a time when being “connected” meant having a connection to the Internet. These days it’s no longer enough to have a single connection from one device to the Internet or a server. We want our watch to talk to our phone, which also talks to our shoes and our exercise management software. And we want these connections to happen seamlessly! When it comes to marketing and sales data, the same now applies. Retailers no longer have just one point of contact with a customer and that means there’s often not just a single repository of data.

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest concerns for retailers nowadays is not just having the latest technology, but also making sure that new technology fits seamlessly into their existing ecosystem.

Recognizing that, as a mobile marketing platform, Plexure is one of the newest additions retailers are making to their sales and marketing ecosystem, we’re constantly striving to make our platform play nicely with as many other systems as possible.

Plexure CTO Dave Inggs is working with Oracle and Loyalty New Zealand, a Plexure and Responsys client to connect the platforms and provide seamless sharing of marketing data between the two systems.

The new integration will become a feature available to all Plexure clients allowing a direct connection between Plexure and the Oracle Responsys system.

By sharing data across the two platforms, customers gain enriched targeting for mobile campaigns within Plexure by utilizing historic data held in Responsys. They’ll also gain the ability to trigger campaigns and events within Responsys based off the real-time data points collected by the Plexure Live Marketing platform.

The Responsys integration is available as an add-on to the Plexure platform following our Q4 2014 release and adds to a growing list of existing marketing systems that can now have a direct connection to shopper’s mobiles thanks to Plexure.