Taking loyalty to the next level

Scott Bradley and Steven England Hall

Late yesterday, Plexure confirmed a deal with Loyalty New Zealand, operator of Fly Buys, New Zealand's most popular loyalty program. The deal will see Plexure and Loyalty New Zealand working together to release a range of new mobile marketing initiatives across the Fly Buys partner network, bringing the loyalty program to the leading edge of mobile marketing. More information:



The Plexure-enabled platform will allow Fly Buys partner businesses to deploy highly personalized loyalty content, offers and information directly to smartphones in real-time.

The platform will draw on multiple sources of data, such as customer preferences, location and other factors like the current weather, to serve up targeted content that grab the attention of the customer.

Loyalty New Zealand CEO Stephen England-Hall said that personalization has always been a fundamental cornerstone of the Fly Buys program and Plexure’s technology will allow Fly Buys to take this to a new level via mobile devices.

“This mobile-led initiative will allow retailers to create shopping experiences that have a whole new level of relevance. It’s going to add an entirely new and engaging dimension to retail shopping and service provision.”

Mr England-Hall said that the Plexure partnership was regarded as of fundamental strategic significance by Loyalty New Zealand.

“We’re on the cusp of the digital wallet era. Mobile devices are going to play a huge part in the future of customer experience, loyalty and payments. We have partnered with Plexure to make sure that Fly Buys is as strong in the digital wallet as it has been in the physical wallet for the past 20 years.”

The multi-award winning Plexure mobile marketing platform has powered international campaigns for retail giants McDonald’s and Exxon, delivering loyalty programs using smartphone apps with the capacity to provide individualized content to millions of users simultaneously.

Scott Bradley, founder and CEO of Plexure said the partnership provides a real opportunity for local Kiwi retailers to close the gap between the store front and their customers.

“Our experience internationally shows that customers respond to the amplified value provided by a personalized approach on mobile devices. It’s bringing that local corner store experience back to large retail brands.”

“Individual retailers will be able to connect with their most valuable customers at a time they are most likely to purchase - while in close proximity or even inside the store.”

Loyalty New Zealand’s Mr England-Hall says that Plexure was a natural fit when exploring options.

“Plexure was the obvious choice when we were looking for an innovation partner. Not only are they world-leaders in this space, but as a home grown Kiwi company, they’re a great fit for Fly Buys being New Zealand’s favorite loyalty brand.”

Plexure and Loyalty New Zealand have an exclusive relationship in the coalition loyalty space for New Zealand. Further commercial terms of the contract are confidential.