Retail Personalization

Retail Personalization for Supercharged Mobile Marketing

By 2022, global retail sales are projected to reach about 26.7 trillion U.S. dollars, up from about 23.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2018 (Statista). 

That’s a 3.1 trillion dollar increase in global retail sales in just two years. The commerce industry is undoubtedly thriving, which means consumers are actively buying—and retail competitors are doing everything they can to reach consumers.

59% of shoppers surveyed say that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from (HubSpot).

So not only are consumers making more purchases, but they’re also choosing brands that offer mobile experiences over ones that don’t. Why is that? It’s because mobile devices allow for the utmost personalization and convenience, and consumers have come to expect this level of service. 

Retail brands are turning toward mobile marketing platforms that enable deeply personalized experiences now more than ever before. The demand for personalized marketing has increased significantly over recent years, as technology enables more advanced data collection tools and sources and generates invaluable insights into consumers’ genuine behaviors and interests. 

Retailers are harnessing these intelligent platforms (especially Plexure’s) that consolidate and streamline the customer journey, from acquisition to retention, to deliver more personalized engagements to users, earn their trust, and encourage loyal behaviors.

Retailers that aren’t adopting these technologies and optimizing their mobile experiences to align with their consumers’ desires are being left behind and out-performed by competing companies that are evolving alongside their customers’ needs.

If you’re looking to attract new customers and optimize your engagements across all touchpoints in the customer journey to earn your existing customers’ loyalty, you need retail personalization.

What is retail personalization?

Sure, retail personalization is critical for a prosperous commerce or e-commerce business—but what exactly is it?

Retail personalization is how retailers leverage customer data to create truly personalized experiences for each customer. It’s how retailers employ advanced technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to deliver meaningful engagements to the right customers, at the perfect moments, in the most ideal locations. 

Over time, technological advancements have integrated mobile marketing techniques with the retail industry, enabling the highest level of personalized retail marketing. Mobile marketing has truly revolutionized the retail industry, as retailers are able to reach consumers on their most personal devices.

The Fundamental Features of Retail Personalization

Bespoke Content 

Are all of your customers the same? Same age? Same preferences? Same location? Highly unlikely. So why would you send the same messages, offers and product recommendations to all of your customers like one mass junky text? 

Well, hopefully you’re not. Truth is, generalized content and mass marketing are likely to result in a bunch of opt-outs, app deletions and ‘unsubscribe’ responses.

“70% of millennials are frustrated with brands sending them irrelevant marketing emails and prefer personalized emails over batch and blast communications” (SmarterHQ).

“47% of consumers will go to Amazon if the brand they’re shopping with doesn’t provide relevant product suggestions” (SmarterHQ).

Your marketing communications should speak to individual customers, not the general public. Your customers’ location, recent transactions, contextual data and past offer redemptions should all be considered when determining the messaging. Creating bespoke, personalized content should be a top priority in your retail marketing strategy if you wish to retain customers—because Amazon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Individualized Pricing

Individualized pricing, or personalized pricing, enables retailers to adjust the prices of certain products and services for individual customers. Customer data, such as location and zip code, the type of device used to access the app or website, and the type of browser used, can all be used to determine the most compelling prices for customers.

Through individualized pricing, retailers can reward loyal customers with lower prices and secure conversions that otherwise aren’t likely to happen. (It’s important to consider that individualized pricing can pose a few problems, as customers obviously don't want to be charged more than their friends.) 

Personalized Offers

Surprise and delight your customers with personalized offers to earn their loyalty. Surprise your customers with how well you truly know them, and delight them with your willingness to continue improving their experience. Retail personalization means delivering highly personalized offers and product recommendations that align with a customer’s recent purchases and compliment their recent behaviors and interests.

Not only do these personalized offers, recommendations and messaging bring more sales, but they earn your customers’ trust and build meaningful connections with them by demonstrating that you genuinely understand their needs.

Delighted customers will feel that your brand truly values them, which encourages them to continue nurturing their relationship with your brand by making repeat purchases and trusting your recommendations.

Geo-Specific Experiences

Your customers’ location data can be leveraged to improve ad targeting, boost engagement through more personalized experiences, and further tailor ad messaging to reflect each customer’s location.

Cultivating geo-specific experiences on an individual scale can effectively increase in-store visits as customers are physically passing by the store location and drive customers away from the competition by advertising your products and services around competing stores.

Personalization Based on Behavior and Loyalty

With our artificial intelligence and machine learning engines, your marketers can deliver consistently personalized experiences that reflect each customer’s loyalty status, interests, and recent behaviors (online and offline in an omnichannel strategy). 

Retail personalization requires dynamic solutions through artificial intelligence tools that persistently learn and relearn customer behaviors to automatically refine individual customer experiences. 

Through our artificial intelligence tools, your marketing team can automate and personalize your loyalty programs. Build rich customer profiles, based on offer and loyalty redemptions and loyalty status, to deliver highly-personalized messaging to customers at the ideal moments. 

Our world-leading artificial intelligence is applied to inform your messages and timings so that your retail marketing campaigns and engagements across all touchpoints hit the mark, every time.

How do you create a more personalized customer experience?

To create a more personalized experience for your customers through your mobile storefront, you’ll need a few things:

  • Customer data that drives informed marketing decisions
  • Segmentation tools that make customer profiling a breeze
  • Behavioral targeting capabilities to deliver the right content at the right time
  • Artificial Intelligence tools to produce incredibly valuable customer insights 

Where can you find all of that? … Right here → Plexure. When you book a demo, we’ll break it all down for you—how we work the magic, and how you can work the magic. But for now, here’s a bit about each feature:

Leverage the Power of Data

Your customers’ data will tell you everything you need to know. Find out who your most profitable customers are, what motivates individual customers to make a transaction, which specific behaviors they take before and after a conversion, the types of products or services they like, when they like to shop for them, where they’re located…. and the list goes on. 

By understanding your customer via a 360 view of their behaviors and interests, you can deliver engagements that feel as though they were created specifically for that customer. 

Not only can you learn more about your customers through data, but you can measure campaign performance and pinpoint opportunities for improvement throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Plexure Analytics, our data and insights solution, presents data results and specific metrics back to your marketers, via a range of user-friendly dashboards and data visualization tools. 

Our data solution is completely configurable and customizable to visualize metrics that align with specific needs. Unique businesses need unique, customizable solutions. (And if you don’t consider yourself a unique business and you’d prefer to blend in with your competition, maybe personalization isn’t for you.)

Segment Your Customers for Supercharged Marketing

How do you execute next-level personalization? You use Plexure’s world-class segmentation and targeting tool. Create customer segments, based on the most relevant data that align with individual KPIs, to extract valuable insights that pinpoint your customers’ specific needs and desires. 

We provide a minimum of over 40 targeting and segmentation criteria. We can also work with your marketing team to map out the customer segments that are most important to your business. 

Segment your customers based on a constant stream of data that reflects each customer’s preferences, historic purchases, past offer redemptions and loyalty status, demographic data and contextual data to deliver targeted content and refine recommendations in real time. 

Utilize Behavioral Targeting for Real-Time Personalization

Transform your targeting strategy by leveraging insights about your customers’ recent and current behaviors to deliver relevant messages in real-time, in response to specific actions. 

Behavioral targeting helps you to ensure that your engagements are always relevant, giving you the best chance at securing a transaction and earning a loyal customer. 

Here’s how it works: A Sephora customer clicks on a mascara product displayed in their personalized feed. The customer scrolls down on the product page to find a “For You” feature displaying a new waterproof mascara, a popular eyeliner product, and a package of false eyelashes. 

The initial behavior (selecting the Sephora mascara) triggered the app to recommend other eye-related products. Behavioral targeting can get much more complex too. For example, app news feeds can be optimized and re-optimized instantaneously, in response to a recent search, or in-store transaction linked through the customer’s loyalty rewards.

Behavioral targeting enables your brand to display products or services to the customers who are most likely to purchase them, increasing your chances of conversion.

Respect the Role of Artificial Intelligence

From the initial audience segmentation, to the data and insights that inform your content strategy, the timely delivery of engagements, and the persistent refining of recommendations based on real-time behaviors, artificial intelligence plays a key role in personalization. 

Weirdly enough, artificial intelligence has tapped into the psychology behind personalized marketing. Our intelligent tools know which products to recommend, which offers to display and when to display them for each customer, based on a constant stream of data. 

By displaying only the most relevant content for customers, artificial intelligence is engineered to target the “dopamine effect” or “retail therapy” that stems from making a purchase. 

The way your engagements are automatically delivered in response to a user’s action in your app—that’s artificial intelligence. The way your app’s push notifications are sent at the exact moment your customer is most likely to interact with you—artificial intelligence. The automatic update your customer sees when he or she redeems an offer through your app and earns more loyalty points—artificial intelligence again.

That’s why our intelligent platform harnesses the power of data and artificial intelligence to help brands across the globe create world-class customer engagement magic. We respect the role of artificial intelligence, and so do our clients: some of the largest brands around the world.

Why is retail personalization so important?

There are a number of moving pieces that factor into true retail personalization, which is why personalization is harder with one-size-fits-all solutions. In fact, the level of personalization that consumers expect nowadays isn’t achievable with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your customers are truly one Google search or app download away from choosing your competitors, and initiating a potentially long-lasting relationship with your competitors. 

Do you really know your customers? Do you have the data tools that accurately identify their  preferences and recent behaviors (offline and online)? If so, are you putting this data to work?

One of the major, defining parts of retail personalization is customer data. The right tools and resources (Plexure’s) can be leveraged to extract valuable pieces of data from your customers and generate actionable insights.

Retailers that hope to attract new customers and keep their existing customers happy must meet their customers when and where they desire. After all, your customers are your revenue. They decide whether your brand deserves the sale—or your competition deserves the sale. 

Retail personalization expands your data sources.

With Plexure Solutions, customer data continues to fuel your strategies. Our machine learning engines persistently gather customer data, based on numerous data sources combined with contextual data. This data is then used by our artificial intelligence tools to continuously refine each customer’s mobile experience in real time. 

That means the moment your customer makes a transaction or clicks on a specific product or service, the customer’s app experience will immediately and automatically refine itself, tailoring the recommendations and offers it displays to reflect your customers’ real-time behaviors.

Retail personalization increases customer loyalty.

As you deliver personalized experiences to your customers through your mobile app, they build trust with your brand. They trust your recommendations, appreciate the relevant offers you send, and feel compelled to recommend you to their friends so they can experience this magical personalization for themselves.

Delivering personalized experiences is how you keep your customers coming back and actively choosing your brand over your competition’s. If your customers receive the experience they want from you, they’re likely to make repeat purchases and continue earning points or redeeming offers and declaring their loyalty.

Retail personalization increases conversions.

Personalized experiences lead to more conversions, and more conversions lead to more revenue. Your retail brand can deliver relevant offers and recommendations to users while they’re actively using your app and at their most impressionable moments. 

Say a customer just clicked ‘checkout’ on their mobile cart. Your app can deliver an automated, yet personalized, message suggesting a similar product or service to successfully upsell or cross-sell your customer. Deliver a personalized discount on a complimentary product, through intelligent automation tools, to encourage your customer to increase their cart size for the right price. Your customer appreciates the deal—and you appreciate the transaction. Win-win.

Plexure can be one of your most valuable partners… if not the most.

We put artificial intelligence and machine learning to work for you to maximize your efficiency and the impact of your mobile marketing. Our team of experts, coupled with our world-class platform, has helped a number of retailers to experience significant business outcomes, like increases in purchase propensity, increases in in-store transactions, and increases in basket size. 

We know that digital interactions influence in-store transactions significantly.  We help your marketing team to leverage digital insights, and optimize all touchpoints and engagements across the customer lifecycle to create increasingly personalized experiences. 

When you deliver exactly what your customer is looking for, they'll return the favor by offering their loyalty. (See how grocery and the art of persuasion have helped dynamic brands to transform customer engagement and boost their customer loyalty programs.)

Supercharge your mobile marketing with an intelligent platform used by some of the world’s largest brands. Find out how you can become our next success when you schedule your demo. Let’s partner together.

If you’re ready to take customer engagement to the next level through deep personalization, schedule a demo of the Plexure platform today.