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Mobile Marketing: How to leverage your customers' most personal device to drive loyalty and retention

Published on November 26, 2021

‘Mobile marketing’ depicts any message messaging or content directed at consumers via their most personal device - a mobile phone.

Whilst it falls under the wider classification of ‘digital marketing’, mobile marketing campaigns are optimized specifically for the channel and encompass all interactions a brand initiates with its customers through their mobile devices across all touchpoints in their particular journey.

Including in-app banners and messages, push notifications, transactions, offer redemptions and loyalty program interactions.

Why is mobile marketing important?

Mobile marketing is important, because your customers needs and preferences are important. As a commerce company, your job is to interact with your customers in the most convenient way for them. And that’s via their smartphone, the device that’s always at hand, picked up frequently, and readily available for receiving timely messages and redeeming offers.

Mobile phone usage has been steadily increasing: in a recent survey of US respondents, 11% of respondents stated they spent over 7 hours per day on their mobile devices, with a further 46% spending 5-6 hours.

Mobile marketing is table stakes for achieving reach and engagement for all retailers but particularly high-frequency repeat purchase retailers.

Mobile marketing allows for persistent optimization.

Mobile marketing features have transformed audience targeting and campaign optimization capabilities.

With our advanced technologies, customer profiles can be segmented, based on demographics, interests, common characteristics and recent behaviors, such as recent app downloads, transactions or locations.

The Plexure solution can highlight trends and segments of interest to allow marketers to act on the insight to drive better business outcomes. The definition of data-led marketing. Taking all of the guesswork out of setting up campaigns.

There is either the option of working with the existing pre-defined segments, or our data science experts can map out the specific customer segments most beneficial for your business.

Marketers can then tailor messaging and marketing campaigns to deliver relevant engagements to segmented customer audience groups in a highly targeted, personalized way.

Our intelligent targeting engines make automatic optimizations, persistently improving targeting techniques as they continue to learn from customer behaviors and predict future behaviors in real-time.

Targeting technologies enable mobile marketers to expand their reach and target a wide range of customers, but at the same time narrow their reach by segmenting audiences and personalizing messages to align closely with each customer profile’s needs and desires resulting in higher conversion.

Mobile marketing allows for more efficient marketing.

Through our mobile marketing platform, you can leverage automation and artificial intelligence to do most of the work for you.

Your marketing team can create templated campaigns, offers, recommendations and promotional messaging to be delivered to specific customer profiles at the ideal time – of their journey and relevant daypart.

Mobile marketing techniques eliminate the guessing game of determining what your customers want, when they want it, and how they want it.

Your marketing team gains access to analytics and insights displayed in easy to interpret and share dashboards, which show the overall health of your customer base, and highlight any trends and watch out areas.

At the touch of a button, your marketing team can schedule automated engagements to be delivered to individual customers as they reach certain touchpoints lifecycle stages or perform specific behaviors.

So now we have established what mobile marketing encompasses and how it’s used by high-frequency repeat purchase retailers.

What are the 3 key channels for engagement within mobile marketing? Refining which channel works for different types of messages that you want to relay to your customers is key.

1. Push Notifications

Push notifications are personalized marketing messages delivered to a customer’s phone from a brand’s mobile app.

Unlike in-app messages only delivered inside a brand’s app, push notifications are pop-up messages sent outside of the mobile app, to a user’s message center or lock screen.

Brands can deliver highly-relevant offers, recommendations, app updates, product or service updates and transactional receipts or summaries to improve the customer experience and encourage desirable behaviors from consumers.

The benefit of push notifications is that they are not easily missed, and can be utilized for conveying messages in a timely manner, ie. communicating with a consumer when they are passing the store, or upselling them into added items at the touch of button as they arrive to collect an order.

2. In-App Messaging

Personalized messages can also be delivered to customers’ mobile devices, through a brand’s mobile app. Messaging that occurs within a company’s mobile app is considered in-app messaging.

In-app messages can serve as tooltips, as guidance to demonstrate certain app features, as informational messaging about new app features, services or products, and to deliver relevant recommendations.

These messages can be customized to align with a brand’s content strategy, and continuously optimized in real-time as the marketing strategy evolves.

In-app messages come in different forms – banners and pop-up messages are the most commonly used.

3. Email:

Email is another effective channel to compliment any successful mobile marketing channel.

Accessible via a touch of a button, email plays a very important role in conveying more complex information that can’t be summarized in a short push notification or in-app message.

It’s most frequently used in the activation phase to onboard new customers, highlighting all they need to know to get set up and utilize the app. It can also be used for ongoing comms, conveying special promotions and offers.

No matter where you are at within your digital journey, Plexure can assist in creating an effective mobile marketing strategy for your brand.

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