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Plexure Market Call – 16 August 2021

Phil Norman, Plexure Group has entered into a binding, conditional agreement to acquire leading transaction platform provider TASK for A$120 million, to transform Plexure into an end-to-end cloud engagement and transaction platform provider for major hospitality enterprises and grocery organisations.

Phil Norman, Chairman, Plexure Group and Daniel Houden, CEO of TASK provided more detail on a market call which you can listen to on demand. 

2021 Annual Report for the YE 31 March 2021

Plexure’s Annual Report and financial results for the year ended 31 March 2021 have been released. Overall revenue has increased by 15% despite global COVID-19 slowdown and successfully raised the required capital to deliver on our future growth plans.

Plexure is listed on the NZX market, the primary registered stock exchange in New Zealand operated by NZX Limited, and under a foreign exempt listing on the ASX. Our ticker symbol is PX1. For most stock-tracking software, such as that on your iPhone, use the symbol PX1.NZ.

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