Results of 2016 AGM

9:07am, 30 Sep 2016 | MEETING

At the Annual Meeting of Plexure Group Limited in Auckland on Thursday 29 September, shareholders approved the following resolutions as set out in the Notice of Meeting dated 15 September 2016.

Director Elections
Mike Carden was re-elected a director
Sharon Hunter was elected a director

Auditor re appointment
The meeting recorded the re-appointment of Deloitte as the Company’s Auditor and authorised the Directors to fix the auditors remuneration for the forthcoming year.

Ratification of previous share placements
The 9,106,593 ordinary shares issued by the Company for private placement capital raising on 10 June 2016 were ratified.

Issue of share options to employees
The issue of 3,174,862 options to various employees was approved.


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Andrew Dalziel, CFO Plexure
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Kai Crow