Market Update –McDonald’s Canada rollout

8:30am, 22 Aug 2016 | GENERAL

Plexure Group Ltd (PLX) is pleased to announce that, following a successful pilot with 50 stores in the first half of 2016, McDonald’s have contracted to roll out Plexure’s platform nation-wide to all 1,443 of McDonald’s outlets across Canada from 1 September 2016, under the terms and conditions of the company’s global SaaS agreement with McDonald’s. This follows previous successful Plexure deployments for McDonald’s in Japan, Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The contracted SaaS fee is approximately NZ$500,000 of Annualised Committed Monthly Revenue. Further international rollouts under the McDonald’s global agreement will be announced as they commence.

The Plexure platform is currently being used by McDonald’s and other top tier international brands to personalize content, improve customer experience and drive increased revenue.


Kai Crow