Market Update – Microsoft WPC 2015 Keynote

14th July 2015

Market Update – Microsoft WPC 2015 Keynote

VMob, an intelligent personalisation platform built on a software as a service model specifically for marketers, was today featured in the keynote presentation at the Microsoft World-Wide Partner Conference. VMob’s CEO Scott Bradley shared how his company’s use of Azure and Power BI is driving significant success for a global QSR giant. During his presentation, Bradley demonstrated the mobile customer engagement experience that is helping to drive millions of dollars in revenue for this fast-food company.

The VMob platform is one of the first of a new class of marketing solutions, born as a mobile specific solution, now moving forward as a broader personalisation platform. Retailers and other customer-facing brands use VMob to create highly personalised marketing campaigns that reach customers on their mobile devices at the right time and place: when they are making purchasing decisions. The results include increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates and additional revenue streams.

Scott Bradley commented, “Microsoft is dominating the cloud and driving enterprise mobility, which is enabling VMob to advance its Intelligent Personalisation Platform. Our solution’s value is multifaceted in its ability to personalise content, measure content effectiveness and select content relevancy based on how it impacts a business’ two main goals: customers through the door and bottom line revenue.”

Microsoft Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie said, “VMob’s demonstration of how Power BI and Microsoft Azure extend the VMob platform with business intelligence and cloud capabilities underscores the exciting potential of these technologies to transform business.” 
A replay of the keynote presentation can be viewed here:

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About VMob
VMob is an end-to-end mobile personalisation platform that lets retailers and other customer-facing brands create highly personalised marketing campaigns to reach customers at exactly the right time and place – resulting in much higher conversion rates.

The VMob platform integrates with the brand’s own smartphone app to continuously collect and store a range of real-time data (including location, movement speed, local weather and nearby events), combining it with information on past transactions through its IoT platform to deliver a level of personalised content not possible with other media.

Offers, campaigns and content personalised with this data are delivered within the smartphone app, and to other channels via API connections.

VMob was founded in Auckland, New Zealand and now has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney and is listed on the NZX Alternative Market (NZAX: VML).

VMob has already achieved success in worldwide markets with strong partnerships and clients including McDonald’s, IKEA, 7-Eleven, Exxon, Anheuser Busch, Heart of the City, Spark New Zealand, Telkom Indonesia, Loyalty New Zealand, and Yellow Pages.

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