Issue of Securities by VMob Group Limited (VML)

19 November 2015

NZX Limited, Wellington


VMob Group Limited (“VML”) advises that it has issued 890,000 new options to acquire ordinary shares as follows:

Class of Security: Options to acquire ordinary shares in the Company (“Options”)

ISIN: Not applicable – securities are not listed

Number issued: 890,000

Nominal value: N/A

Payment: 34 cents payable in cash upon the exercise of each Option

Amount paid up: N/A

Percentage of total Class of Securities issued: The 890,000 Options make up:

(a) 1.2% of the class that is total number of ordinary shares on issue (being the percentage should all the Options be exercised); and

(b) 11.5% of the class that is the total number of Options on issue.

Reason for the issue: The Options are being issued to staff of the Company to both secure and retain the services of the recipients and to align the interests of the recipients with those of the shareholders of VMob.

Authority of issue: Board Resolution and Directors’ Certificate and NZAX Listing Rule 7.3.6.

Terms of issue: The new ordinary shares issued upon the exercise of the Options will be credited as fully paid, and rank in all respects equally with the ordinary shares already on issue and will otherwise be issued in accordance with the vesting requirements and terms of the VMob Employee Share Option Scheme.

Total number of securities of the Class in existence after the issue: 73,614,508 ordinary shares (if all of the 890,000 Options are exercised) and 7,707,200 total Options.

Treasury Stock: N/A

Date of issue: 19 November 2015

Steve Allan, Chief Financial Officer
+64 27 480 9991
[email protected]