'Plexure’ change reflects VMob's strong U.S. market growth

New Zealand listed technology company VMob Group Limited (VMob) has announced that it intends to change its name to accommodate the growing breadth of connected engagements that it is providing to global customers like McDonald’s, IKEA, 7-Eleven and Compass Group.

Chairman Phil Norman said that the Directors had today advised NZX of their decision to change VMob’s name to Plexure Group Limited. Once approved, VMob’s NZX ticker code will be PLX.

CEO Scott Bradley said that the exponential growth in connected devices and connected consumers meant that retailers increasingly want to communicate tailored and personalised messages to customers through whatever digital channel or combination of channels is most effective.

“That is the expertise we offer to our clients and while our heritage is mobile, the breadth of engagements that are driving our new revenue includes Internet of Things devices, in-bar screens, RFID tags, beacons, even voice and facial recognition and much more,” Mr Bradley said.

“In the technology space, responsiveness to changing consumer needs and changing digital engagement is vital,” he said.

“For that reason our essential value proposition has evolved quite quickly to a much broader focus where we can engage with customers constantly, through a myriad of contact points, with individualised messages based on a wide range of contextual factors.”

“We describe this as optimising transactions in the real world for businesses with physical locations,” he said.

“The sheer breadth of our offering means that in the future we need a brand name that can carry this promise with longevity and meaning.”

“That’s why we settled on Plexure, from the Latin plexus, which means ‘the art of weaving together’”.

“That weaving together of multiple channels of digital, tailored engagement is what our clients look to us to provide and this is precisely what we can and do deliver,” Mr Bradley said.

It is anticipated that the name change to Plexure will take effect on 22 July 2016, but this will be confirmed by NZX once the necessary approvals have been given.

About VMob

VMob has quickly established itself as the global leader in the provision of end-to-end personalisation and real-time, contextual analytics services for customers such as McDonalds, IKEA, 7-Eleven and Compass Group.

VMob’s award winning solution is Plexure and is used by clients around the world.

Plexure optimises transactions in the real world. Plexure uses digital insight to optimise transactions in the real world for businesses with physical locations.

By personalising, influencing and enhancing these transactions revenue and margin return is significant. Plexure is unique, because it can gather live data feeds from a vast array of sources. These sources include Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as beacons, sensors, RFID as well as Wi-Fi, Mobile Apps, POS data, weather, public events or traffic.

The Plexure SaaS platform uses machine learning, proximity marketing, real time decisioning, facial and voice recognition to connect customers with brands.

Plexure observes, analyses, predicts, influences individual customer behaviour and then measures the results.

To find out more about VMob Group Limited and its Plexure solution please visit www.vmob.com.



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Kai Crow