Issue of Securities by VMob Group Ltd

VMob Group Limited advises that it has issued new shares as follows:

Class of Security: Ordinary Shares in VML.

ISIN Number: NZSMRE0001S6.

Number issued 9,106,593 fully paid Ordinary Shares in VML at NZD 37 cents per Ordinary Share. 
and issue price:

Payment: Cash on subscription.

Amount paid up: $3,369,440 (with $1,000,000 payable by way of deferred settlement on 1 July 2016).

Percentage of total Class
of Securities issued: 10.0% (of the total number of Ordinary Shares in VML on issue post completion of the issue).

Reason for the issue: To support VML’s growth strategy in offshore markets, particularly the United States.

Authority of issue: Board Resolution and Directors’ Certificate and NZX Listing Rule 7.3.5.

Terms of issue: The new Ordinary Shares are credited as fully paid and rank in all respects equally with the Ordinary Shares already on issue at the date on which they are issued.

Total number of securities
of the Class in existence
after the issue: 91,400,513.

Date of issue: 10 June 2016


Stephen Davies
Chief Financial Officer
+64 27 269 1525


Kai Crow