Working with the worlds largest QSR for over 8 years, we understand how to create deeply personalized guest engagements at scale.

Understand your guests to build personalized relationships

Plexure's end-to-end mobile engagement solution enables QSRs to build rich customer profiles. Leverage this data to provide deeply personalized offers and content that increase average transaction value and uplift incremental guest and sales counts.

A flexible customer engagement solution for QSRs

Select the features and functionality you need and utilize Plexure within your existing app via API or SDK, or you can utilize our fully brandable, end-to-end personalized mobile app solution.

  • AI-powered personalized offers, content and recommendations
  • Mobile order and pay
  • Geo-fencing to enable timeliness of content and order preparation
  • Loyalty engine including points earn and burn and more
  • Deep analytics and detailed reporting

In a different industry?

Plexure creates customer relationship magic for many different consumer-facing industries. Contact our team of experts today to discuss your business and needs.

Plexure and a global QSR

Plexure and a global QSR

Plexure and a global QSR

Plexure worked with one of the world's largest restaurant chains to implement a simplified, scalable and standardized customer engagement solution. 

Key outcomes

160 million

users of the Plexure-powered

30 minutes

to launch a marketing campaign to 20m users

4 weeks

time to deploy to
a new country

58 markets

with the Plexure-powered

Plexure and a global QSR

Plexure worked with one of the world's largest QSRs to roll out a standardized solution across 58+ countries and drive significant business outcomes

Key outcomes


uplift in sales

55% increase

in offer redemptions

83% increase

in app registrations

64% increase

in number of transactions

background image


mobile phone showing personalization and rewards program

Personalization & Loyalty

mobile phone showing personalization and rewards program

Build rich customer profiles, utilize our world-class deep segmentation and targeting engine to execute next-level personalization and develop world-class loyalty programs.

Utilize Plexure’s suite of intelligence modules to create a cadence of test, learn and optimize that ensures you’re solving business challenges and always one step ahead of the competition. 

Accelerate your digital transformation with Plexure Order & Pay, our customizable mobile app and Plexure Campaigns to harness all your data and a CMS to run personalized marketing campaigns. All assisted by Plexure Consumer Care.