Plexure for Restaurants and QSRs

Optimizing purchase, loyalty and engagement transactions through personalized restaurant experiences

In the face of rising competition and declining footfall, it's imperative restaurant brands build a loyal customer base by delivering personalized experiences that optimize transactions. The key to this personalization is the digital insight collected in real-time from connected devices.


Combine live and historic data points

  • Profile data
    Name, age, gender, settings etc...
  • Purchase data
    from point of sale systems
  • Social Profile
    Likes, Pages followed, profile data
  • In-app activity
    Clicks, stores viewed, favorites
  • Location data
    History and current location
  • External databases
    Eg: Traffic systems and public transport
  • Connected devices
    In-store systems, displays and kiosks

Influence customer behavior and create VIP experiences

Optimize restaurant transactions using insights from online experiences, mobile and in-store connected tech:

  • Reward repeat and off-peak visits, or visits to newly opened locations.
  • Reflect real-time, real-world conditions; offer regular morning customers an afternoon special, or give coffee drinkers an icecream deal on hot days.
  • Give high value customers the opportunity to skip the queue by ordering in advance, or detect their visit, pre-fill their usual order and have it waiting when they hit the counter.
  • If customer movement speed indicates they’re in a car, send them to the nearest drive- thru location.
  • Focus on developing loyalty from day one; enable customers to track and share their experiences, select and redeem rewards.

McDonald’s Netherlands

Within 4 weeks of the release of McDonald’s Netherlands’ Plexure-integrated app it was downloaded over a million times, putting it at number one in both Google Play and iTunes. Within 5 weeks of launch, 2% of all store guests redeemed a personalized offer.

Following the successful McDonald’s Netherlands relaunch, Plexure was asked to create a loyalty program to reward customers for checking in to McDonald’s at breakfast time. The result? People visit for breakfast twice as often after joining the loyalty program, which gives them rewards for collecting stamps on check-in.