Plexure for Grocery Stores

optimizing purchase, loyalty and engagement transactions through personalized grocery store experiences

When grocery stores collect real-time data from customers they can tailor promotions based not only on past purchases but also current, contextual information - including what’s on the shopping list or in the basket. The key to optimizing transactions is to add value; encouraging customers to use the app to enhance their in-store experiences, return more frequently and take up more offers.

Real-time contextual analytics:



Plexure at WPC2015

    Personalized marketing campaigns with Microsoft Azure and Power BI


    Combine live and historic data points

    • Profile data
      Name, age, gender, settings etc...
    • Purchase data
      from point of sale systems
    • Social Profile
      Likes, Pages followed, profile data
    • In-app activity
      Clicks, stores viewed, favorites
    • Location data
      History and current location
    • External databases
      Eg: Traffic systems and public transport
    • Connected devices
      In-store systems, displays and kiosks

    Opportunities for behavior change & VIP experiences in grocery stores and supermarkets

    Optimize grocery store transactions using insights from online experiences, mobile and in-store connected tech:

    • Help customers navigate around the store by highlighting aisles with relevant specials, or create an optimized route based on today’s shopping list.
    • Allow customers to pre-order items from the deli, hot counter or in-store cafe and alert them when their items are ready for pickup; eliminating the need to wait for service.
    • Push promotions (to the mobile phone, or to connected shelf signage) when dwell time indicates an interest in a promoted or seldom purchased product.
    • Create a digital version of your store’s loyalty card and integrate that into your app, rewarding customers for taking up offers, repeat purchases, store visits and more.
    • Go omni: provide QR or barcode scanning capability, enabling customers to look up information and get a running total as they add products to their carts. Bonus: integrate mobile payment to really streamline the shopping experience.
    • Use data from in-store sensors to manage queues; alerting staff and customers when wait times are unusually long, and directing them to newly opened registers.