Plexure for Retail Brands

Optimizing purchase, loyalty and engagement transactions through personalized in-store experiences

Customers’ online activity, smartphone use and in-store actions give retail marketers access to a wealth of real-time information that can be used to map individual journeys for every customer. Using digital insights, brands can make offers and rewards uniquely relevant and available at just the right time to entice shoppers into store.

Combine live and historic data points

  • Profile data
    Name, age, gender, settings etc...
  • Purchase data
    from point of sale systems
  • Social Profile
    Likes, Pages followed, profile data
  • In-app activity
    Clicks, stores viewed, favorites
  • Location data
    History and current location
  • External databases
    Eg: Traffic systems and public transport
  • Connected devices
    In-store systems, displays and kiosks

Opportunities for behavior change & VIP experiences in the retail industry

Optimize retail transactions using insights from online experiences, mobile and in-store connected tech:

  • Install beacons and push promotions to the right people as they come in range.
  • Use RFID to track product movement around the store: when it leaves the shelves, where it goes next, how long it takes to get to the checkout and the friends it picks up on the way.
  • Install smart displays to show different content depending on which RFID or smartphone comes into range (or sends content to it), and measuring which content is more effective based on customer interactions.
  • Let store associates know to offer extra assistance when someone who’s shown past purchase intent comes back into store and is looking at a big ticket item.
  • Flick out notifications directing people who are stuck in queue to the checkout that’s just opened, or inviting them check out an offer rather than waiting.
  • Or get rid of queues entirely; go mobile and let people check out in the busiest areas of the store (naturally you know where those areas are – you’ve seen the heat map).