Mobile Engagement Platform

What is a mobile engagement platform?

A mobile engagement platform is a valuable tool companies can leverage to maximize their brand’s impact by building loyal relationships with customers via their most personal devices. The right mobile engagement strategy can boost customer engagement, satisfaction, retention and overall revenue—while remaining cost-effective.

We can’t speak for other companies, but our mobile engagement platform helps businesses harness the power of data (derived from machine learning and artificial intelligence) to create highly personalized, seamless mobile experiences for each customer. 

When we say each customer, we really mean it. Through our highly-personalized mobile marketing platform, you can segment your customers and build rich customer profiles based on their data, recent interests and real-time behaviors.

We utilize our world-class deep segmentation and targeting engine to execute next-level personalization.

By pinpointing each customer’s exact needs and desires, based on a constant stream of real-time data, our mobile engagement platform can foster magical moments and meaningful connections between brands and their consumers. 

What is mobile engagement?

Mobile engagements include the personalized messages delivered to customers’ mobile phones, inside and outside of a company’s mobile app. Push notifications, in-app messages, loyalty rewards, SMS—any channel a brand uses to connect with its customers through their handheld devices is a form of mobile engagement. 

You can leverage data and machine learning to gain real-time insight into your customers’ true desires to send personalized offers and relevant messaging across all touchpoints—at defining moments in the customer journey. 

Through personalized mobile engagement, companies can deliver tailored messages to certain customers, based on their current location in the customer lifecycle and historical customer data. 

Personalized mobile engagement is a rewarding strategy that empowers commerce brands (especially QSRs, grocers, retailers and fuel convenience stores) to earn their customers’ loyalty, win back lost customers, increase customer retention, increase customer satisfaction, and in turn—drive more sales.

Marketing through mobile devices is effective, because mobile marketing is agile and personal. In customer-centric industries, agility and personalization are paramount. Mobile engagements bridge the digital world with the physical world, seamlessly connecting online customer behaviors with offline behaviors. 

To keep customers engaged and actively choosing your brand over your competition, your marketing strategy needs to evolve consistently and stay in sync with your customers’ rapidly-evolving interests and behaviors. 

Why Mobile Marketing?

As of 2020, 3.6 billion people had a smartphone. This number has more than tripled from 2012 data reporting 1.06 billion people with smartphones—and is projected to reach 4.3 billion people by 2023.

Consumers have become more accessible through their phones than ever before. The opportunities to engage customers, secure their loyalty to your brand and drive desirable behaviors through the right mobile marketing platform are truly uncapped.

This global digital transformation toward mobile and IoT can be attributed to new, innovative technologies rapidly improving the customer experience by providing genuine, data-derived insight into the customers’ changing preferences, behaviors and needs.

COVID-19 has also ramped up the natural progression of digital transformations in businesses across the commerce industry. Customers have shifted their behavior to prefer shopping at a distance through ‘contactless’ methods, which means companies that want to stay in business were forced to adapt.

Fostering contactless mobile engagements became essential for brands in all customer-facing industries, requiring a stark shift toward mobile marketing. As more businesses continue to adopt mobile engagement platforms, the benchmark is lifting for other businesses and inspiring a swift transformation in customer expectations.

Customers have come to expect a deep level of personalized engagement—especially through their mobile devices. 

Deep Customer Segmentation Based on Real-Time Data

How do you make your customers feel as though their mobile experience was created just for them? The vehicle: deep segmentation. 

Segmenting your customers based on specific data, including customer preferences, historic purchases, offer and loyalty redemptions, demographic and contextual data (e.g. COVID-19) can reinvent your customer experience.

By creating rich profiles for each customer type, your brand can identify the right engagement specifically for each customer profile. Deep segmentation enables you to deliver targeted content and offers, and refine recommendations in real time.  

To create meaningful customer interactions, your brand needs data that reveals your customers’ true desires. 

Do you want to know who your most profitable customers are? Which customer profiles have the highest value segments? Advanced Plexure Analytics enables you to target these segmented groups with the right content at the right time in their customer journey.

(We provide a minimum of over 40 targeting and segmentation criteria. We’ll also work with you to map out the customer segments most important to your business.)

By measuring and analyzing your customers’ behaviors and actions taken through your app, you can gain genuine insight into the specific products they prefer, when they search for those products and the exact messaging that proves most valuable to them. 

Different tools can be integrated for a seamless customer experience, cross-channel messaging and data analysis through a user-friendly dashboard.

Having worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, we are experts in systems integration. Your brand can easily weave Plexure into your existing ecosystem using one of our pre-built integrations, or connect your marketing tools and POS systems using our SDKs and API.

Mobile Loyalty Programs to Boost Customer Retention

Mobile loyalty programs help brands to keep their valuable customers close through earn and burn points, status, tiering, gamification and personalized offers that engage consumers and increase customer lifetime value. 

Our loyalty apps are designed for brands to reward customer actions, encourage referrals from customers and incentivize desired behaviors throughout the entire customer journey. 

Through our world-class artificial intelligence and machine learning engines, you can gain a genuine understanding of your customers’ desires and deliver personalized, automated campaigns that hit the mark every time. 

Convert your unknown purchasers to loyal brand advocates through deeply compelling offers, personalized to the customer every time. Encourage your loyal customers to keep choosing your brand through programs of consistent, valuable content, targeted offers and tailored recommendations.

Delivering personalized offers to your customers can inspire them to return to your physical store. When you choose Plexure for your mobile platform, your customizable app will be optimized for an easy, seamless customer experience, including:

  • Smooth registration process
  • Home page that displays personalized offers
  • Exclusive offers only available to app users
  • Personalized “my promotions” tabs 

In other words, we remove all the barriers stopping your customers from becoming loyal, engaged customers. These features have proven to:

  • Increase mobile app adoption rates
  • Increase offer redemption rates
  • Increase average transaction value 
  • Increase in-store traffic
  • Increase impulse visits
  • Increase sales

We Create Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Brands

At Plexure, our solutions aren’t static. We create dynamic solutions that evolve with your brand, with your customers and alongside current events, because your brand is dynamic, your customers are dynamic, and the world is dynamic. 

Customers expect their favorite brands to offer a mobile experience. Mobile apps are an invaluable opportunity for your company to foster customer engagement and secure customer loyalty.

Mobile engagement platforms offer consumer driven order and pay, contactless pick-up, curbside pick-up, contactless delivery, drive-thru pick up, browsing products—however your customer feels most comfortable interacting with your business.

Our highly-personalized mobile marketing solutions provide opportunities to accelerate your brand’s digital marketing efforts as your business grows, evolves and matures.

Here’s an example of how Super Indo transformed its customer journey through mobile-centric customer engagement:

When Super Indo grocery store came to us, they were seeking a data management platform with deep personalization capabilities to create content that seamlessly integrates with all other marketing verticals. 

As a promo-oriented company, Super Indo wanted to go from mass marketing to segmented marketing and deeply personalized marketing. We worked with Super Indo to create the custom My Super Indo App.

The Objective:

  • Customer acquisition

The Features:

  • Smooth registration process
  • Customized news feed and rich content displayed on the home page to strategically engage mobile app users
  • Access to a digital catalog for a seamless customer experience
  • Personalized offers to establish habitual consumer behaviors (using the app)
  • Exclusive, personalized offers only available via the app through “My Promos” tab
  • QR codes for simple offer redemption 
  • Physical loyalty card linked to the app to encourage regular app use 

The Results:

  • 90% registration success rate 
  • Annual adoption target was surpassed within 3 months
  • Daily app registration rates 2 to 3x higher than leading QSRs over the same time period
  • 44% of members have redeemed at least one offer
  • 55% increase in basket spend

“With the My Super Indo App that we have developed together with Plexure, with the usage of their system, their skills and experience, we believe that we can change the world over here.” - Johan Boeijenga, CEO/Brand President, Super Indo

Our team of expert marketers understands the challenges of the commerce industries more than most. We were founded in 2010 and have grown to over 220 million platform users, with customers in 61 different countries.

We take a strategic approach to deliver customized mobile engagement solutions that align with your brand’s desired outcomes. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, engage your existing customers, win back unengaged customers or achieve all of the above, Plexure can help you realize your goals and deliver a world-class customer experience through deeply personalized mobile marketing. 

Want to find out what we can do for your business? Book a demo with us today.

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