Loyalty Management Software

What is loyalty management software?

How do you ensure that your brand is top-of-mind for your customers when they’re searching for the products or services you offer? How do you keep your existing customers happy and encourage them to refer your brand to their friends and family? 

By securing customer loyalty.

  • “81% of consumers trust their friends and family’s advice over advice from a business.”
  • “A 5% increase in customer retention correlates with at least a 25% increase in profit.”
  • “77% of customers have maintained loyal relationships with their preferred companies for 10 or more years.”


There’s no denying how valuable a loyal customer can be for your business. Happy customers are likely to refer your brand to their friends and family, to purchase more products from your brand, and to continue choosing your brand for 10+ years. 

Ecommerce companies and physical commerce companies that don’t offer loyalty programs, track their customers’ purchases and take actions to reward their loyal customers are missing out on profits.

If your brand isn’t offering a loyalty program, your customers are likely to choose your competitors who are offering loyalty programs. 

Customer loyalty isn’t just the program that rewards customers and incentivizes them to purchase from you. It’s about the experience you deliver too. Loyalty is about building and maintaining trust from customers—and that comes from more sources than one. 

Every time your brand meets your customers’ expectations, their trust increases. When you fall short of their expectations and don’t provide a solution, their trust decreases

In the modern day digital world, a considerable portion of your customers’ trust comes from the mobile experience you offer, the product and service recommendations you provide, and the level of relevancy you deliver. 

What is customer loyalty?

When a customer is loyal, it means he or she is actively choosing your brand over your competition. A loyal customer will go out of their way to purchase your products and services, advocate for your brand and refer your brand to other consumers. 

A loyal customer is an engaged customer who makes repeat purchases, whether it’s the same service or product every time, or different services and products. Attracting a customer is one thing, but retaining your customer is where the most value lies.

Loyalty software is the vehicle for encouraging loyal customer behaviors, keeping loyal customers close over time, gathering invaluable customer data and managing that data to continue improving the customer experience. 

The Evolution of Customer Loyalty

The global digital transformation over the past decade has pushed digital solutions for captivating customers, maintaining their engagement, and earning their loyalty.

Ten years ago, a brand’s loyalty program was a physical punch card that customers would bring into the store to track their purchases and earn rewards after a number of purchases.

Today, these loyalty punch cards can be digital, mobile apps that not only incentivize loyal behaviors from customers, but provide a brand experience for customers.

Traditional loyalty programs required customers to bring their rewards card to a restaurant, required employees to hole punch the customer’s rewards card, then required customers to bring the rewards card for the next ten visits to track and earn a reward. Fortunately for everyone involved, digital solutions have simplified loyalty management drastically.

Present-day digital loyalty programs require a customer to pull out their phone, select a brand’s mobile app, and hold the phone up to a scanning device. Simple as that. Purchases, in-store visits and rewards are conveniently stored and managed through the mobile app and through the marketers’ CRM.

The evolution of modern marketing from physical, in-person solutions to mobile, virtual solutions was also propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID has truly driven rapid innovation in consumer marketing.

Brands were forced to innovate solutions to keep customers coming back when contact is limited, and to continue providing an exceptional brand experience without contact. And BAM—the need for contactless loyalty management was born.

Loyalty management software is how your brand facilitates contactless loyalty. The demand for contactless interactions isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The COVID-19 pandemic merely accelerated this inevitable transformation, forcing companies to build consumer loyalty in uncertain conditions. Businesses that want to meet their customers’ needs are required to get on-board.

What is loyalty management software?

Loyalty management software enables e-commerce companies and offline brick-and-mortar commerce companies to identify and track their customers’ purchases, manage the customer lifecycle, and deliver highly-personalized offers, notifications and messaging that encourages, incentivizes and rewards loyal behaviors. 

Brands can use this advanced software to employ different loyalty programs aimed to retain customers through highly-personalized mobile marketing and next-level loyalty programs. The right software (Plexure’s software) can be used to optimize engagement throughout the entire customer journey. 

Loyalty software is especially beneficial for commerce companies, such as QSRs, retailers, grocers and fuel and convenience stores. This software encompasses every part of customer loyalty, empowering brands to craft, design and execute loyalty programs, as well as post-execution follow-up and data aggregation from numerous sources.

Plexure Loyalty Programs use artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather invaluable customer data that can be used to identify the right type of engagements, products and services for every customer profile. 

These intelligent programs are designed to reward customer actions, encourage referrals, provide valuable incentives for repeat purchases and improve the customer experience through highly-personalized engagements that feel as though they were created specifically for each customer.

There are two main sides of a loyalty management software—the customers’ experience and the brand marketers’ experience. With Plexure’s solutions, both the customer-facing side and the marketer-facing side of the loyalty management software are specially-designed to deliver a user-friendly, seamless, intuitive experience. 

Loyalty Features for Marketers

With our loyalty management software, your marketing team gains real-time insight into your customers’ behaviors, interests and preferences. This data can be used to craft highly-personalized messaging and offers delivered to your customers through efficient, intelligent, timely automation.

Our mobile engagement platform includes a CRM that employs a constant stream of data from customer preferences, historic purchases, offer and loyalty redemptions, demographic and contextual data (such as weather or events) that your brand can harness to deliver targeted content and offers, and refine recommendations in real time.  

These features are presented through a user-friendly, simplistic dashboard and data visualization tools. Our CRM helps you manage and automate the entire customer lifecycle, campaigns, follow-up processes and everything in between. Leveraging a CRM platform in combination with a loyalty management software will keep your team on the same page and improve workflow efficiency.

Loyalty Features for Customers

On the consumer side, your customer downloads your mobile app and registers for an account via a smooth, simple registration process. Your customer then has access to a customized news feed with rich content that encourages engagement, a digital catalog of your products and services, personalized offers that continue to refine based on real-time data, a “my promos” tab that features exclusive, personalized offers, QR codes for simple offer redemption, mobile order & pay and the option to link a physical loyalty card.

In other words, your customer receives an incredibly personalized mobile experience that automatically delivers rewards, offers and other loyalty incentives based on your brand’s customized loyalty program.

Your customer loyalty app will bridge the gap between your digital store and your physical store to seamlessly connect your customers’ online behaviors with offline behaviors.

The Benefits of Loyalty Management Software

The main benefit of a loyalty management software is its customer-centric nature. From the dashboard design, to the customized news feed content, the specific offers and recommendations, notifications, offer redemption tools and all of the messaging in between—every detail of our loyalty apps are strategically designed with the ideal customer experience in mind.

Highly Personalized Customer Experience

Customers have come to expect highly-personalized experiences from brands. An intelligent loyalty management software (especially Plexure’s) can deliver just that. 

The opportunity to create a highly personalized experience for customers is so critical, because simply put, meeting your customers’ needs is paramount.

Your customers want to feel heard, and they want to feel like you know them. Mass marketing offers and general push notifications won’t cut it. In fact, this type of generalized marketing is likely to result in your customers blocking your app notifications or uninstalling your app and opting out of the entire program—a brand’s nightmare.

Personalized loyalty programs that let your customers know you’re listening to their needs and interests, that you’re grateful for their purchases, and that you’re ready to reward them for their loyalty can drive significant outcomes, including:

  • Increase mobile app adoption
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Foster customer-centric marketing
  • Strength your customers’ emotional connection to your brand
  • Attract new customers through referrals
  • Increase average transaction value
  • Increase in-store visits
  • Drive consistent sales

Types of Loyalty Rewards Programs

We help businesses supercharge their loyalty programs by creating personalized reward offers that drive desirable, loyal behaviors and encourage repeat purchases from customers.

Through our end-to-end platform, your brand has all of the tools it needs to secure lifetime loyalty from your customers, manage the relationships you build through a user-friendly, world-class CRM software, and keep your customers coming back for more. 

Loyalty software enables you to define how your members earn points and how they achieve different tier statuses with various currencies. Loyalty programs are typically based on points, tiers or exclusive member payments. 

Earn & Burn Rewards

An Earn and Burn loyalty program uses a point system to redeem or “burn” points in exchange for rewards. Depending on your industry and your business goals, your rewards will be customized and preconfigured to incentivize specific actions.

Earn and Burn programs may reward customers after a number of purchases. Each visit or purchase earns a configurable number of points. When your customer reaches a number of points, they’re eligible to redeem a gift, discount, free product, free service or any other custom incentive. 

This incentivizes customers to continue visiting your store or purchasing from your brand regularly to receive rewards.

Gift Card Incentives

Instead of earning pre-selected offers, maybe your customers are able to redeem a gift card when they reach a certain tier status or earn a number of points. This gives your customers more freedom in choosing the item they want, instead of receiving a predetermined offer.

Your customer can use the whole balance at once, or use a part of the gift card and save a portion of the balance to spend in the future. Research shows that consumers tend to make larger purchases when using a gift card. In fact, people in the U.S. will spend an average of $59 more than the value of the gift card and people in the U.K. tend to spend an average of $54 on top of the original value of the gift card.

Incentivizing your loyal customers with gift cards can increase their satisfaction and increase your revenue from purchases that exceed the balance.

Referral Rewards

Effective referral rewards programs can attract more customers and drive more sales. Rewarding your existing customers for advocating for your brand can increase their satisfaction and bring in new viable business. 

Referrals are best tracked through our intuitive CRM and API. These give you a visualization of which customers referred other customers, and you can pre-determine how many generations of referrals you want to reward. 

Customized Loyalty Programs

We’ll help you develop a loyalty program based on your specific business needs. Whether your goal is to guide customers toward more profitable products, increase utilization during off-peak times or increase your referrals, we’ll work with you to help you define your business goals and create a loyalty strategy that leaves your customers no choice but to keep coming back. 

Critical Qualities of a Loyalty Management Software

Each step of the life cycle requires a modern, flexible solution that puts your customer data to the most efficient use. Loyalty management software is an end-to-end solution that covers every base, from data acquisition to campaign deployment to sales tracking. 

Easy, Seamless Functionality

Your customer wants an easy, minimal-step experience when it comes to your mobile app. Customers don’t want to go through a registration process with 10 information fields, three different verification processes, and have to navigate between two disparate channels to sign up for your loyalty program. Think about it—do you?

The issue with many loyalty programs or software is they aren’t created with the customer in mind. Registration processes and mobile experiences are often created with the company in mind. Of course your brand wants to gather as much information from your customer as possible, but you have to be smart about it to encourage registration. 

Our loyalty software and customizable loyalty apps are designed for the customer experience. We gather customer data through machine learning, not 10-field registration forms. And we put this data to work. Every piece of customer data, including behaviors and recent interests, is employed to further tailor and refine the customer experience. 

Customers expect an easy, frictionless customer experience with highly-relevant, personalized engagements. Your loyalty needs a smooth registration process, automated messaging that updates customers on their points and rewards, and seamlessly integrated rewards directly through the POS or point of sale.  

Your customers expect an easy, intuitive functionality that enables them to track and manage their loyalty points in real time.

Dynamic, Flexible Tools

Effective loyalty management software requires a flexible design in more ways than one. From your loyalty currencies to the specific offers and recommendations delivered to your customers, your loyalty software needs to be agile, dynamic and flexible to meet your business’s needs.

As your business goals change, your loyalty programs must continue to fulfill those goals. With our loyalty management software, you can continue to adjust your initiatives to fit your business needs.

Based on your program performance, your customers’ varying desires and your competitors’ offerings, your loyalty program must be dynamic to evolve at scale.

To secure your customers’ loyalty, your strategies need to stay in sync with your customers’ rapidly-evolving interests and behaviors. Through our CRM, you can access real-time customer data that gives insight into your customers’ behaviors, interests and preferences to continue refining their experience. 

Intelligent Automation and Machine Learning

Using machine learning and intelligent automation, your brand can deliver time-based, highly-relevant promotions to targeted customer segments. Our intelligent platforms generate insights and make real-time recommendations based on data derived from machine learning. 

As your customers’ data is gathered and aggregated in real-time, the loyalty rewards, relevant recommendations and notifications will adjust accordingly to remain relevant and to automatically and consistently tailor your customers’ experience. 

Digital engagements require extreme relevancy—and extreme relevancy is made possible through machine learning and intelligent automation. Our platform enables you to automate your customer service to deliver a world-class experience and meaningful engagements at every point in the customer lifecycle. 

Through automation, your brand can reach out to your customers during the moments that matter.

We’ll help you create magical moments with your customers.

It’s what we do. Our mission is to bring the magic of mobile engagement to billions. We have the tools to help you build one-on-one, meaningful relationships with your customers at scale. And as your business grows, so does the scale.

For your brand to stay ahead of your competition, you have to build trusting relationships with your customers. Trust is built when your brand demonstrates that you’re listening to your customers and delivering an experience that makes sense for your customers. 

Most of your customers are using their mobile devices more than any other device. So why try to change your customers’ behavior? It’s important that you flow with your customers’ behaviors. 

Meet your customers where they want to be met (through their most personal devices) and communicate with them how they want (with highly-personalized, relevant messaging). 

Our loyalty management software considers all customer data, including historical data and contextual data to create interactive mobile experiences that enrich your customers and add value to their lives. 

By developing highly-personalized, extremely relevant offers and rewards programs and using data to automatically and continuously refine your strategies, your brand can foster magical moments with your customers. 

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