Employee Spotlight: Caroline Izzard - Head of Data & Insights

At Plexure, we are committed to empowering our employees and cultivating an awesome company culture. For the Plexure Employee Spotlight series, we’re putting the spotlight on those at Plexure who are living out #teamplexure.

This month, we're shining a light on Caroline Izzard, Plexure's Head of Data & Insights based in the Auckland, NZ Head Office.

Tell us about your role at Plexure and what you enjoy about it

I head up the Data and Insights function within Plexure, and in my opinion we get to look after the sexy end of data.  Our team ensures our clients can get the most out of the data generated each time their customers use their app.  We allow them to extract understanding around what their customers do, and don’t do.

Uncovering insights and automation opportunities that supports their marketing and personalisation strategies.  We also get the opportunity to build some cool data science models, to help bring these strategies to life and deliver the optimal experience to their customers.

I love understanding why people do what they do, and using this information to help tailor better experiences.  Plexure gives me the opportunity to do this at scale, and then we get to measure the value this delivered. It doesn’t get better than that!

Why did you decide to join Plexure?

I was keen to work for a New Zealand company that was doing great things on a global scale, but still lived by and operated in a uniquely New Zealand way.

I was also really attracted by the intellectual challenges the business presented to me.  Working with so much data, across so many customers, in so many countries, with such up to date technology.

You very rarely get the opportunity to do this kind of work, so it wasn’t something I could pass up.

In your time at Plexure, what’s something you’ve accomplished that you’re most proud of?

Much of my time so far at Plexure has seen us working from home.  So much less in person socialising, and definitely less team bonding time than I would normally like.

While across this time I’ve also built up much of our current team.  But even under these unusual circumstances, we’ve managed to create a high performing, well-functioning team, who has been delivering great results to the client, and still seems to be able to fit in some fun.

Have there been any memorable moments or events whilst you have been with Plexure?

Our forced situation of working from home has limited many of the events that Plexure would have normally celebrated in style.

But there was a moment between levels, where we managed to squeeze in a in person Xmas celebration.  It was definitely worth the wait, and I look forward to more in our new office once we finally get out of ‘Red’.

How do like to spend your spare time?

I have two tween boys, and a very energetic husband, so we often spend a large amount of time outside doing physical activities.  Swimming, surfing, skiing, skateboarding, scootering, mountain biking, the list goes on… combined with a wide array of team’s sports.  Very few quiet moments in our household!

Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know

Growing up, my parents loved to travel, and often did it intrepid styles.  We spent quite some time in Egypt when I was 2 years old, and the locals loved me because of my very blonde hair.

One day, because of my hair, my parents were offered 20,000 camels by a man who wanted to buy me.  They declined, obviously.  But it’s a decision that I think they regretted many times later in life while I was going through my teenage years.

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