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Successfully executing personalized marketing campaigns at scale

The more extensive the customer profiles you build, the greater your ability to personalize and the greater the value the customer derives from the interaction. Data is central to this equation; it is essential to executing personalization at scale.

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Data – personalization or weaponization?

Don’t alienate your international customers, and don’t stick your head in the sand. Just make sure your marketing technology partners have robust data security and aren’t collecting data without explicit permission.

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Optimization, not cannibalization

Adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to traditional customer behavior models enables you to generate better predictions from your data and create better personalization for your customers.

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Is personalized marketing the savior of retail?

The economy is softening and brick and mortar retailers are facing mounting challenges. Is personalized mobile marketing the thing that’s going to save retail from the impending apocalypse?

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Building a more convenient future

The key to building a more convenient future is to streamline service, automate as much as possible and use connectivity – as and where it makes sense – to provide additional utility.

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Finding the sweet spot between innovation and personalization

Grocer self-checkout and online ordering have been around forever, and we’re no strangers to scanning loyalty cards to get specials and rack up points. So what’s the deal? Do consumers really want completely automated stores? Is this the future of the weekly grocery shop?

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Why grocery stores are adding mobile & IoT to the shopping list

It’s probably not a stretch to say most grocery shoppers prioritize getting in, getting what they need and getting out. In this case, food retailers should be looking for ways to make shopping trips as painless as possible by using mobile and connected tech to personalize experiences while helping customers to save money and time in-store.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make marketing magic

What does customer data help you to understand about consumer behavior? How can you use those insights to make something awesome happen? And how can AI and ML help?

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Did somebody say coupons?

Marketers are still sending customers discounts and add-ons, upgrades and freebies, but it’s all packaged a bit more elegantly. It’s a personalized offer. It’s targeted marketing. It’s contextual engagement. But here’s what really matters: for all our fancy framing, consumers still dig coupons. Here’s why they work.

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The (individual) customer is still king

With AI, machine learning and data analytics presenting brands with massive commercial opportunities, personalization has clearly shifted from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must do’.

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