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How Super Indo transformed its customer journey

A Plexure designed mobile app has invigorated this grocery client’s member base with widespread benefits for both the brand and its’ customers. In this fireside chat, we hear from Super Indo’s CEO/Brand President, Johan Boeijenga and GM Marketing & Ecommerce, Dewi Miranda, a few months on from the launch of the My Super Indo app.

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Explainable AI

Plexure’s in-house data scientists understand the challenges involved in deploying real world AI models that not only have business impact but are also explainable to multiple stakeholders. The first in our three-part series delves into their learnings, insights and tips on the subject of Explainable AI.

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4 key trends for the grocery industry, including the empowered consumer and COVID

Even before COVID-19 disrupted our lives and caused a worldwide pivot to a ‘new normal’, the push to undergo digital transformation and meet the needs of a more empowered consumer was already reshaping the way we do business. In this blog we explore 4 key trends grocers need to be mindful of in this new customer engagement landscape.

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Grocery and the art of persuasion

Grocers know that coupons work; we know that digital offers work better. Digital allows for more personalization, and makes it easier for you to use some basic principles of buyer behaviour to encourage engagement and redemption.

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How McDonald’s Japan utilized technology to optimize the customer experience in-store

In a recent virtual fireside chat, Plexure hosted McDonald’s Japan VP of Digital Marketing, Raphaël Mazoyer and discussed customer engagement through digitally enabled service, content personalization and mobile ordering.

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The “Dopamine Effect”: The psychology behind personalized marketing

The fifth and final blog in our series covering the changing face of consumer engagement examines the “dopamine effect” – how it plays into the psychology behind personalized marketing and how big data can help brands leverage this reaction.

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About the technology: why personalization is harder with one-size-fits-all solutions

The fourth blog in our series on the changing face of customer engagement looks at what’s involved in implementing personalized marketing, including the selection of technology.

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Why your customers are taking it personally

In the third blog of our five-part series on the changing face of customer engagement, we focus on the importance of personalization, particularly as an element of your digital strategy.

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