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The making of Plexure's new brand video, "Others Guess, Plexure Knows"

Published on January 26, 2021


Creating an effective brand video presents a set of unique challenges for tech companies. How do you tell the right story? How do you communicate your value prop without being boring? And in 2020, how do you make a video with a set full of actors, camera operators, and producers while complying with the film industry's COVID-19 safety protocols?

These were the questions that evolved into Plexure’s new brand video, “Others Guess, Plexure Knows”, a Dating Game spoof in which the bachelorette must choose which engagement platform she most connects with. The eligible bachelors include the lamp-obsessed ‘Online Retailer’, Oprah fanboy ‘Social Media’ and of course, Plexure.

Who does she pick? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Ensuring the safety of cast and crew

The video was produced in Philadelphia, PA by boutique film company, Vireo Films. For co-founders Clay Hereth and Dan Angelucci, filming during COVID-19 required a reimagining of their creative process.

Before the shoot, Hereth and Angelucci asked their talent and crew to get tested, if possible. In addition to requiring masks on set, they incorporated temperature checks and offered individually wrapped food.

According to Angelucci, the biggest challenge came in the planning phase, when they decided that no one would need to be unmasked and near each other.

“For us, the plan right from the beginning was to come up with an idea that would be able to be filmed safely, as opposed to retro-fitting an existing idea,” Angelucci said. “From that came the idea to shoot everyone separately and composite them in later. This required a lot more planning than we would normally have done, had we had everyone together on set at the same time.”

This way, the crew managed to get a shot of all five actors on one screen while complying with safety protocols. Here’s a look at how they pulled it off:

“Several scenes require multiple actors in one frame, so we had to put a tennis ball up on a stand to make sure their eyelines would match up,” Angelucci said. “Major props to the actors who pulled off a believable performance playing off a tennis ball.”

Conveying Plexure’s message through comedy

In addition to ensuring the safety of cast and crew, the intention of the video was to tell Plexure’s story in a refreshing and entertaining way. “We decided the best way to serve our audience during the pandemic was to give them a reason to smile,” said Colin Daymude, Head of Marketing at Plexure.

“We could have gone the animated video route, but we wanted tell a human story with real people because human connection and emotion is inseparable from our brand,” Daymude said. “Our technology helps create moments of magic between brands and consumers.”

The ‘magic’ of Plexure is its ability to deliver deeply personalized content and offers through mobile channels using data and AI. “We help brands deliver experiences that that are tailored to their customers’ individual preferences, making them feel recognized and valued,” Daymude said.

This message is conveyed in the video when the bachelorette, Kelly, asks her potential suitors how they might surprise her on their first anniversary.

The first two contestants, ‘Online Retailer’ and ‘Social Media’, demonstrate a fractional understanding of what Kelly wants (a lamp? A book from Oprah's book club?). This makes sense—after all, Kelly is just one of many millions of consumers.

But the third contestant, ‘Plexure’, understands who Kelly is as a whole, complex human being. He shows a deep understanding of how Kelly would like to celebrate.

“Instead of telling the audience that Plexure can anticipate consumer desires, we show the Plexure character recognizing Kelly as an individual. And when she chooses him because of it, he hands her an umbrella just before confetti rains from the ceiling,” Daymude said. “She’s surprised and delighted. That’s the magic of a well-timed, contextually relevant offer.”

Harnessing the power of data and AI, Plexure enables the delivery of deeply personalized, compelling offers at the right time to the right customer—just like magic. If you’re interested in how Plexure can help you increase profitability, retention and customer lifetime value, you can book a demo to learn more.

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