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Increasing customer engagement — the importance of timeliness

Published on June 3, 2021
By Will Hunt
Product Manager - Analytics & AI, Plexure

Who hasn’t received a highly targeted ad, promoting the exact product you’re interested in? The only problem – you already purchased it.

In a world where consumers receive thousands of unsolicited and irrelevant ads every day, ensuring that your brand’s message is seen and, more importantly, drives the behaviour you intended has never been more challenging.

As competition increases and brands fight it out for increased market share, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. In fact, some predict individuals are encounter 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day as they go about their daily life.

So how can brands cut through the noise and build mutually beneficial relationships with their customers?

The key is timeliness. Or in the simplest terms, not just sending a relevant message, but sending it at exactly the right time.

Every marketer wants to drive incremental sales, not eat into profit margins by discounting a product a customer would have purchased regardless of the promotion. Imagine if you could entice an infrequent shopper to stop in and make a purchase by sending a highly relevant offer to their mobile via a push notification just as they’re approaching a store. Or, upsell a customer by recognizing they have purchased a meal and sending them an offer on a dessert item on their way to pick it up.

Consumers are becoming accustomed to highly personalized brand experiences and are increasingly demanding this from the brands they engage with on a regular basis. According to Epsilon research, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

In order for brands to survive in the current climate, where consumers have more choice than ever and loyalty is steadily declining, it’s imperative that marketers can react quickly when a consumer signals that they are focusing their precious attention on a brand. That might be notifying them that a transaction they just made has accumulated enough loyalty points to unlock a special offer. Or ensuring that a breakfast offer not only reaches a breakfast lover, but just in time for their morning commute. Relevancy coupled with timeliness are at the core of Plexure’s solutions.

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So why is timely, relevant content important?

Here are our top 3 reasons what all of this matters to your brand and your customer:

1. Improve the customer experience

71% of shoppers are frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences and 42% are annoyed when content isn’t personalized.

Timely offers make customers feel recognized and valued. Receiving the right offer, right when you want it, feels almost like magic. Personalizing offers so that they are timely and relevant also reduces the amount of time a consumer might spend making a purchase decision, which eliminates a significant amount of friction in the buying process. In short, the more you can tailor the experience to each individual customer, the better.

2. Drive desirable behaviors throughout the customer journey

Just as not all your customers are interested in purchasing the same items, they are not all at the same stage of their journey. Treating each as an individual ensures you maximize the relationship and build a base of highly engaged, habitual customers.

Every effective marketing campaign needs to start with a measurable goal in mind. That might be activating a first-time customer, incentivizing an infrequent shopper to purchase more often, or encouraging a lapsed customer to re-engage.

With Plexure, you can build smarter campaigns and pinpoint the desired outcome down to fulfilment channel (ie. to increase drive through vs instore ordering).

3. Create Loyalty with a capital L

A loyal customer base can contribute to as much as a 25% lift in profit. And shoppers agree: 65% of consumers say timely, relevant content has an impact on how loyal they are to a brand. Mobile marketing tactics are especially effective, boosting loyalty by as much as 47%.

Put simply, when you send timely, relevant content to your customers over time, you increase brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.