Capital Change Notice – Issue of Shares per ESOS

24/12/2021, 8:30 am SECISSUE

For the purposes of Listing Rules 3.13.1 and 3.15.2 of the NZX Listing Rules, Plexure Group Limited (PX1) advises that it has issued new shares under its Employee Share Option Scheme.

PX1 has issued 166,666 ordinary shares for total consideration of $62,666.60 at a price of $0.1880 per share.

The total number of fully paid ordinary shares after the issue are 353,579,046. The are a further 5,264,529 share options, 20,090,846 deferred share rights and 3,819,699 restricted share units issued.


For more information, please contact:

André Gaylard
Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: +64 21 288 3355
Email: [email protected]

PX1 Capital Change Notice – Issue of Share per ESOS 24.12.21