Magic of mobile engagement to millions

Plexure was founded in 2010 and has grown to over 210 million platform users. We have customers in 60 countries and our people are located in Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Scottsdale, Connecticut,
New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen, London and Auckland.

noun: plex-ure \ 'pleksh (r)

1: the act or process of weaving together
2: [New Latin plexus + English-ure]

Connecting brands and consumers

We started Plexure to help brands bring consumers back in-store and build 1:1 relationships with them, at scale. A decade on, our mission of bringing the magic of mobile engagement to millions has become even more critical as traditional brands are challenged by the digital migration of consumer spending.

Making magic happen

Now, more than ever, mobile is becoming a key real-time enhancer of the physical customer experience. As brands are starting to bridge the gap between in-store and mobile and using data to personalize the customer experience, the brand:consumer relationship is evolving from B2C into B2Me.

Plexure operates at the nexus between brands and consumers, providing the critical link that is powerful, deeply personalized customer engagement. 

A few stats


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The Plexure team

Our Executive TeamOur Board
Craig Herbison

Craig is an internationally experienced leader with over 20 years of digital and brand marketing, business transformation, sales and corporate leadership experience. Craig has held global and local marketing and leadership positions in the UK, Australia and NZ and is a qualified lawyer.

Andrew Dalziel

Andrew has worked in a range of CFO and senior financial roles with strong experience in publicly traded businesses. More recently Andrew has specialised in working with technology start ups.

Caroline Knowles

Caroline is an internationally experienced business leader, having worked across a broad range of marketing, strategy, sales, operational and business development roles.  She has worked with a number of big brands in France, UK and NZ including LÓreal, British Airways, American Express and Vodafone.

Richard Fraser

Richard brings over 20 years’ international commercial experience from the telco, content, digital media and consumer technology sectors across UK, Europe, US, South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Andrew Flavell

Andrew is a strong technical leader with extensive overseas experience. He joins Plexure from Nike where he was VP of Architecture and VP of Nike+ Brand. Andrew also spent 14 years at Microsoft and holds a Masters Degree and a Doctorate from the University of Tokushima.

Phil Norman

Phil is a specialist in business services for high growth companies. He was the founding Chairman of Xero, one of NZ’s most successful technology companies of recent times.

Craig Herbison

Craig is an internationally experienced leader with over 20 years of digital and brand marketing, business transformation, sales and corporate leadership experience.

Sharon Hunter

Sharon is an experienced company director and entrepreneur, chair of Cranleigh New Zealand, and independent director of The Skin Institute Group.

Brian Russell

Brian has 27 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, global technology commercialisation, venture financing and innovation.

Robert Bell

Robert has broad experience in finance, operations and sales across numerous sectors. Most recently he was a Director of HRV, before facilitating the sale of the business in 2017.

Jack Matthews

Jack has broad governance and senior management experience across the technology and media sectors. Jack is currently Chairman of MediaWorks, and Non-Executive Director at Chorus.