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Plexure powers mobile engagement in 78 languages to more than 147 million users in 58 countries worldwide.



Consumers are mobile, expecting marketing to deliver value whenever and where ever they need it.

Plexure connects you to your customers when it matters most; on mobile, in-store and on the go.

Our platform processes 200 million customer transactions daily. But it doesn’t stop there! To complete the picture, Plexure combines transaction data with information from a huge range of other sources. Having this knowledge at your fingertips makes it easy to pinpoint the right marketing opportunity for each individual customer.



Local focus with global scope

We help you get maximum value from your mobile engagement program, where ever you are.

Plexure is scalable. Whether you’re a national chain or an international brand, you’ll be able to easily create a consistent and engaging mobile experience across markets.



A single platform that grows with your marketing needs

Get everything you need to deliver a world-class mobile experience to your customers. You don’t need to do it all at once. Simply using Plexure’s data and content personalization is a game changer. When you’re ready, Plexure’s full feature set will help you craft sophisticated AI-powered campaigns with loyalty programs, apps, order and pay, analytics and more. All in one user-friendly interface.



Engage your customers and deliver results throughout the customer lifecycle


Plexure’s marketing, CRM and technical consultants will show you the best way to maximize engagement, Customer Lifetime Value, retention and loyalty.

Use our experts as an extension of your team. We support your internal champions to deliver measurable results to your business.

  • Increase visit frequency by more than 60%

  • Increase average check by more than 35%

  • Increase impulse visits by more than 315%



Customer success

We power mobile engagement solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands, helping them transform customer experience.



Personalized loyalty for McDonald’s Japan

With around 3,000 stores throughout the country, McDonald's Japan is the 2nd largest McDonald's market in the world.

Plexure's mobile engagement platform delivers a seamless experience for customers that want to redeem offers or collect loyalty points when they transact at McDonald's. Our deep integration with local IT systems removes operational headaches normally associated with managing and targeting offers to individuals at scale.

Plexure has transformed the purchase experience for millions of McDonald’s customers in Japan and continues to innovate for the restaurant experience of the future driving improved metrics across key business drivers.

Download the McDonald's Japan app on Google Play or the App Store.


Mobile Engagement for 7-Eleven Australia

Plexure worked with 7-Eleven to develop the Fuel Price Lock App, which has transformed the way customers buy fuel and convenience items.

With location based data we enable customers to find the best priced fuel near them and lock in that price for the next 7 days. If the price goes up, drivers pay less at the pump. If the price goes down then drivers still pay the lower price meaning 7-Eleven customer get great savings.

In this world first, Plexure integrates with live fuel prices, enables mobile order and pay for fuel and delivers targeted offers to drive up the number of customers that add retail items when they re-fuel. A simple scan of the app at POS makes for a speedy exit and a great purchase experience which has significantly improved key business drivers at 7-Eleven.

Download the 7-Eleven app on Google Play or the App Store.


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