McDonald’s diners have flexibility at their fingertips

Thanks to a piece of Kiwi ingenuity, diners at McDonald’s restaurants in New Zealand can now enjoy the flexibility that McDonald’s customers are enjoying around the world.

More than a year after it was launched in Sweden, McDonald’s global mobile app has been introduced in New Zealand, letting diners manage and redeem McDonald’s offers via their phone, saving time and money.

Now in more than 20 countries, the app is powered by Kiwi technology firm Plexure (NZX: PLX.NZ), and is part of a global roll out of Plexure’s technology being undertaken by McDonald’s.

Plexure uses its sophisticated software platform to enable consumer businesses to integrate customer data i.e. customer location, external factors like the weather or time of day, with special offers and other information to enrich customer experience and increase sales.

Plexure has been rolling out McDonald’s markets at a rate of more than 1 a month for over a year now. Chief Customer Officer Christopher Dawson says this has been possible because their cloud-based technology is particularly fast to deploy meaning markets are up and running in a matter of weeks rather than months or even years often associated with launching sophisticated and integrated mobile apps.

Adrian Green, Head of Consumer and Business Insights McDonald’s NZ, says the app will deliver great value and convenience to Kiwis as it has done to McDonald’s customers around the world.

"Diners are really responding to it," says Green. "It puts greater flexibility and control at customers’ fingertips, saving them time and money. We know Kiwis like digital transactions, so we’re excited that this app has finally ‘come home’."

Kiwi customers have been quick to embrace the service, says Green.

"We’re having a great response from customers," he says.

Use of the app, and the number of digital transactions and interactions by customers, has grown steadily in every market in which the app has been introduced, says McDonald’s Snr Director of Digital Acceleration Daniel Lee.

Lee, himself a Kiwi now based in Singapore, says there’s a touch of pride that Kiwi technology is proving powerful in helping McDonald’s improve its customer experience around the world.

"It’s proved to be excellent technology from our point of view," he says. "And that practical Kiwi innovation has made it easy to integrate in a large number of markets. It’s already a vital part of our relationship and conversation with customers."

Plexure CEO Craig Herbison, says the roll out for McDonald’s globally is an exciting project for the company, and is delighted that the app is now live in New Zealand.

"It’s great that our shareholders and stakeholders in New Zealand will now be able to experience what McDonald’s diners around the world are enjoying," he said.

Mr Herbison says that consumer brands with a physical footprint are increasingly realising that the mobile phone and other digital interfaces are more important entry points or touch points than ever for customers.

"Consumers integrate digital and physical infrastructure every day - it’s becoming more and more second nature," said Mr Herbison.

"There’s still a place for a sandwich board on the sidewalk, but even more important is a ‘ping’ in the pocket on a phone to alert someone to an opportunity about something they might need or like in their vicinity," he said.

Businesses that aren’t extending their footprint into customers’ digital and virtual interactions are missing out, says Mr Herbison.

"In every consumer sector, it’s more than ever about the service and the customer experience, as well as the content or the product," he says. "Plexure continues to identify ways to remove friction from the shopping experience, and this is paying dividends for the brands we work with."

Mr Herbison said that after a number of tough years of investment and proving its technology, Plexure’s new management team was entering a new phase for the business, having reduced its losses and restructured onto a path towards profitability.

He said that Plexure had lifted its ACMR - a revenue measure for software-as-a-service companies - to $6m in the six months to September 30, up 25 per cent from the same period a year earlier, as reported in the company’s 2018 first-half results released in November, 2017

The McDonald’s app is available to download on iOS via the Apple App Store and Android via Google Play.