Unlocking new retail opportunities

Plexure's use of technology to do cool things in physical retail was recently profiled in a Microsoft Customer story. How's this for an intro?

The developers at Plexure use analytics, IoT, machine learning, AI, mobile, digital display, and cloud technology to help retailers bring digital marketing to brick and mortar shopping. To meet customer need for high performance and easy customization, the company used Azure serverless computing to create a new class of features that help retailers respond to new opportunities and make shopping more rewarding for consumers. At the same time, Plexure lowers its costs, reduces effort, and promotes innovation.

Imagine: it’s a hot Friday afternoon. On your way home from work, you stop to pick up some weekend fixings. How about some ice cream? Well according to that in-store digital display, the ice cream is only three aisles over. And the alert you just got on your smartphone—it’s a sweet two-for-one coupon.

That pretty much solves the pistachio versus mango dilemma.

Read the rest of the article to see how Plexure is using Azure and connected tech to help retailers engage with customers.