Plexure Group Limited Revenue Guidance

26/9/2019, 11:01 am MKTUPDTE

Today, as part of its Annual Meeting, Plexure Group Limited released revenue guidance for the year ending 31 March 2020.

Based on the Company’s continuing strong sales performance the Company is forecasting revenue for FY20 in a range from $21.0m to $23.0m. By comparison with the FY19 revenues of $16.9m, this represents a 24.3% uplift at the lower end of the range and a 36.1% uplift at the upper end of the range.

The Company will not be providing EBIT guidance as the impact of the Company’s expansion plans and platform investment cannot be accurately assessed at this juncture.


For more information please contact:
Andrew Dalziel, CFO Plexure
Mobile: +64 27 6777 575
Email: [email protected]


Karen Rayner