Plexure notice to shareholders re minimum shareholding

8/11/2018, 9:12 am CORPACT

Please find attached a letter to shareholders and formal notice to shareholders regarding Plexure Group Limited’s (Plexure) intention to exercise its power of sale of shareholdings below the Minimum Holding threshold (as defined in Appendix 2 of the NZX Main Board Listing Rules).

There are a number of shareholders who do not comply with the ‘Minimum Holding’ required under the NZX Listing Rules. Shareholders who do not comply with the minimum holding requirement have the option to purchase more shares or after three months a broker instructed by Plexure will sell all holdings of less than the Minimum Holding requirement and return the funds to those shareholders.

Dependant on the share price on the 8th February 2019, the maximum number of shares to be repurchased will be 178,748 shares.


For more information please contact: 
Andrew Dalziel, CFO Plexure 
Mobile: +64 27 6777 575 
Email: [email protected]


Kai Crow