At Plexure, we've built a powerful platform from the ground up to bring the power of digital marketing to the real world.

With our toolset, expert team and partner network we make it easy to bring a range of connected devices and systems together and use them to create an outstanding customer experience.

The Plexure Analytics Engine

Plexure's Intelligence Engine

The Plexure Engagement Engine

Plexure’s Analytics Engine collects, processes and analyzes data from digital activity and connected devices including cameras, point of sale systems, beacons and mobile apps. Our live dashboards lets you measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs in granular detail - in real-time - allowing for continuous optimization.

Plexure’s Intelligence Engine shows you the most effective ways to drive customer value based on a wealth of live and historic data points. Design intelligent marketing programs that optimize transactions in real-time using digital insights, real-world conditions and in-store activity.

Plexure’s Engagement Engine gives you the tools to reach customers by the most effective channel, whether online, mobile or in-store. Connect Plexure with your existing loyalty, email and mobile programs or work with our team to build a fully integrated IoT solution.