The most complete platform for marketing using the IoT

Plexure’s IoT-driven CRM platform gives marketers the ability to personalize and optimize transactions in the real-world by connecting brands directly to their consumers while they are in-store, in real-time. This fills a critical gap in the functionality of existing CRM systems and enabling marketers to build engaging, personalized customer experiences across multiple channels using their smart phone app and connected devices. 

IoT Orchestration

IoT devices and platforms can feed every event into the Plexure event engine live. The Workflow system can listen and execute unique live decisions

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Integrated event engine

With capability to capture tens-of-thousands of events per second, Plexure allows you to capture and react to more customer events than ever before.

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Machine Learning

Plexure unlocks ML models for event driven decision making, or for live queries directly from customers that want immediate answers.

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