Plexure Analytics Studio:
Insights in the Spotlight


Plexure Analytics Studio is an insights solution within the Plexure customer engagement platform.

Analytics Studio puts data visualization and analysis tools at your fingertips, using AI to analyze data in the Plexure platform to show you what matters most to you. See how your marketing is performing, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and create and refine highly personalized engagement for your customers.

Analytics Studio works on its own and in combination with existing BI tools and data. No data scientists required - though it works well with them too!

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Shine a Spotlight on critical customer insights

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Spotlight is an AI driven tool that automatically brings important changes in the data to your attention. AI does the hard work for you, delivering actionable insights that deepen your knowledge and enable refinement of customer engagement activities.

Data is most valuable when it helps you improve performance: whether that’s campaign effectiveness, customer engagement or ROI.

Too much data can be overwhelming and requires significant time and effort to distill in order to drive action and benefit. That’s where Spotlight comes in.

Spotlight uses AI to automatically deliver valuable insights, immediately alerting you to unusual data patterns and enabling you to act where and when you need to.


Analytics Studio gives Plexure customers world-class analytics, eliminating the need for a separate BI tool. Start with Essentials dashboards and add more functionality as you grow. Analytics Studio is scalable, capable of handling massive data sets across millions of users.

Get out of the box analytics tools and dashboards with visual insights to guide decision making and drive actions. Analyze performance over time, across your acquisition channels, locations, campaigns, content types and more.

AI-powered Spotlight learns what matters most and automatically alerts you to changes in the data. Use filters to drill down into your data and uncover what’s driving the numbers.

Share progress and results across your organization. Use your data to effortlessly curate engaging data stories, automate reporting, and collaborate with your team to get the most out of your customer engagement activities.

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Analytics Studio Packages



Essentials is built into Plexure, for insight-driven analytics at no additional cost. Pinpoint drivers of ROI, drill into your data with filters, identify opportunities for improvement and measure success. Share reports and data stories across your team to increase engagement.


Get even more data access and automation. AI driven Spotlight automatically alerts individual users to important changes in the data. Connect with Plexure data consultants to unlock additional report customization, or feed our SQL data to your own BI tools.


Extend your data capability with further integration of Plexure and third party data, connecting data silos to get a more complete picture of customer engagement. Perfect for organizations with in-house data teams and BI frameworks, Enterprise allows full customization of your data feeds and reporting.

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